Who We Are

The Silverstone Group has learnt that our customers want superior service and product. With that knowledge comes success and we have successfully expanded in the size and scope of our operations while mainanting superior service.

For over 20 years, Silverstone has been providing property maintenance, landscaping, and snow management services to businesses, corporations, and government agencies in the Nation Capital Region.

Silverstone retains a leadership role in the “GroundsKeeping” industry through constant enhancement, internally and professionally. We pride ourselves on our efforts to promote and environmentally friendly service to our clients. Our fleet is state-of-the-art, GPS equipped and we have the solution to manage snow that surpasses our competition.

At Silverstone, your fixed costs are known and you are never taken for granted. We are committed to the provision of innovative, effective and conscientious services. We offer flexibility and versatility to each individual customer and all our service plans are targeted to meet our client’s current and future needs. Our property maintenance and snow management operating standards always surpass the usual traditional industry standards service agreement. We offer convenience of a complete year-round service package which includes maintenance, landscaping and snow removal services.